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Interactive Studying

Core Java Training


  • Basics of Java

  • Array and String

  • Classes, Objects and Methods

  • Inheritance and Interfaces

  • Package

  • Exception Handling

  • Multithreaded Programming

  • IO Programming

  • Collection Classes

  • Networking with Java.Net

  • Introduction to Object Orientation

  • Class Modeling

  • Advanced Class Modeling

  • State Modeling

  • Interaction Modeling


  • Course will be offered in reference to the GTU syllabus by trainer.

  • Content will be covered as practical approach at par with the Industry standard.

  • Tutorial duration will be 47 hours.

  • Certificate will be issued for participation on successful knowledge acquisition.

  • Placement/Internship reference will be provided depending on the performance of trainee if required.

  • Comfortable learning environment will be provisioned at the academic center.

  • Fee for such exclusive experience will be ₹ 6,000 post discounted sale. (Introductory Offer)


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