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Web development is the need of the hour. If you have a business then a website for the same is mandatory! We can no longer afford to ignore the huge traffic and endless possibilities that the Internet provides us. To harness this power, building a sound website is the first step. At Techno Savvy Port we help you build your dream web applications that nurture your business and ensure better ROIs.

Techno Savvy Port team are experts in PHP and .NET - two widely popular means of web development. Employing these two languages, one can develop robust and easy to use web apps.

Why Use PHP?

PHP has become a favourite amongst web developers in the recent times. And why not? With so much on offer, it'd be foolish to ignore a smart language like PHP! Reliable, quick and efficient.

  • Open Source: Being open sourced gives web developers remarkable freedom to design as per the customer requirements, adding features that you desire.
  • OS Compatibility: Whether it's Linux, Windows or MAC, PHP runs on all.
  • Server Compatibility: PHP is compatible with servers like Apache and IIS, thus you don't have to worry about portability.
  • Database Support: With PHP you can use many relational databases like MySQL.
Web App Development

Why Use .NET?

For building reliable and advanced web applications and pages, .NET has always been the first choice of web developers. Techno Savvy Port offers you a team of expert .NET professionals who will understand your requirements and deliver the same with their expertise in .NET technology.

  • Highly Secured: With .NET rest assured, your data stays safe. .NET developers at Techno Savvy Port rely on HTTP, TCP/IP, XML, etc. which are standard protocols to make sure your database stays unharmed.
  • Easy Integration: Get faster and effective collaboration with applications developed using .NET. These can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system, thus giving you a cleaner platform.
  • Reliable: Applications developed using .NET are highly reliable as any errors like memory leakage or any sort of illegal activities are taken care of by the web server itself. So you don't have to worry about any application failing.

PHP and .NET are here to stay and any trustworthy web developer worth mentioning relies on these two technologies for their efficiency. To grow your online business, it's imperative that you learn to trust reliable developers and build your website using advanced and robust technology. Let Techno Savvy Port be the one to take your business to greater heights. Drop in a line today and we shall help you build your dream with the most time and cost effective solution!

How We Work?



Researching and analysing phase.




Wireframing and prototyping phase.



Testing and deploying phase.




Maintaining and updating phase.

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