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Convert WordPress Website Into Mobile Apps

Here Is How You Can Turn A WordPress Website Into Mobile Apps

Author: Siddharth Patel - Founder and CEO at Techno Savvy Port Date: 04-04-2019

The number of mobile Internet users is higher today than ever and continues to grow. A vast majority of people browse the Internet and scroll through their favorite feeds on mobile devices only. A responsive and mobile optimized website might still make you miss out on a lot of traffic. To counter that, WordPress website owners should seriously consider creating mobile apps as a companion to their responsive and mobile optimized website.

Using the WordPress website to mobile apps creation services that I am going to mention you will be limited in terms of design and functionality choices compared to bespoke applications. However, these options are much less expensive and budget-friendly ones.


Based on PhoneGap by Adobe, AppPresser is a freemium development framework available as a plugin. It works for both - Android and iOS applications and offers complete WordPress integration, so many features like access to the backend, photo uploading, etc. can be made available in the final products.


Reactor is another solution that is from AppPresser as well. However, this is aimed at non-coders and can turn WordPress website into slick looking and feeling mobile apps. There is even a free trial but if you will want to continue using, you will need a monthly subscription.


MobiLoud lets you build native Android and iOS applications. The benefit? You can get your applications into Google Play and Apple App Stores more easily. Features include offline content access, the option to include ads for monetization and push notifications. Support for WordPress features like user accounts, custom post types and commenting is also included. There are monthly plans and the plugin is not free to use. However, they do let you prebuild and view your apps before you pay. For those looking for a long term investment, there are lifetime licenses available as well.

The mobile traffic is not something that should be ignored. Website owners often make this mistake and suffer. Mobile apps along with responsive and mobile optimized website can help you move into a growing market that promises not only traffic but also leads and sales.

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