Strategies That Can Help You With Reseller Customer Retention

Strategies That Can Help You With Reseller Customer Retention

Strategies That Can Help You With Reseller Customer Retention

No reseller business can truly prosper without reseller customer retention. A key factor to success in any business is keeping the customers you have and then increasing your share of wallet with them over time. It requires much more time and money to attract new clients anyway so with tried and tested strategies in place for reseller customer retention your efforts can start paying off in significant ways. Here are the three strategies that can help you in your quest for reseller customer retention.

Provide Solutions To Their Unrecognized Needs

By talking to your customers and asking questions you can offer suggestions to them on how they can be more successful and efficient. Help them spot unrecognized needs and opportunities and help them identify possible outcomes of their decision or lack of one. In addition to what you offer as a reseller you can also:

  • Provide site maintenance, social and digital marketing strategies.
  • Help your customers increase their email outreach.
  • Provide information about network upgrades, backups, new security options and maintenance.
  • Become their go-to source for a host of services. Help them with offline work that can be subcontracted to a third party like printing ads or sourcing of promotional products.
  • Provide security by reviewing customers' sites and helping them secure and protect them.

Customer Service Should Always Be A Priority

By just making sure that your customers know you're there for them you can make them feel like a part of their team. Instead of automated messages try going for a personal touch. Adopt a proactive approach and try a phone call maybe. Get in touch with them as a simple 'check in' on whether everything is working perfectly or not.

Use Auto-Renewal To Improve Your Reseller Customer Retention

Auto-renewal makes it easy for your customers to remain a customer. Offer them continuous and smooth service free of glitches and shutdowns and your customers will experience a peace of mind. Help them see how auto-renewing will save them time and offering longer-term options with better rates or even incentives for referrals.

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