Here's How You Can Buy A Domain That Might Already Be Taken

Here's How You Can Buy A Domain That Might Already Be Taken

Here's How You Can Buy A Domain That Might Already Be Taken

Maybe you have already been here in the past: You get an amazing business idea and the perfect domain name to go with it. Everything seems like it will fall in place until you find out that the dream domain you so wanted is already taken. This happens more often than you might think and although you'll get some great domain name alternatives in return too, sometimes you just wish you could have gotten that domain that isn't available. Luckily for you, there is a way you might still be able to do so and I'll describe how in four steps.

Find Out Who Currently Owns The Domain

This is the first step in buying your dream domain and you can do so by using WHOIS. There is a strong chance of you finding the full name, email address and phone number of the domain owner listed there. The person might use a privacy service and in that case, you'll find other information that will almost always forward to the real owner's email address.

Get In Touch With The Decision Maker

A decision maker is a person who will have the power to decide whether or not to sell that domain. Get contact information about the decision maker and try to get in touch with him/her instead of someone like the website administrator who would simply ignore you. You might need to do a bit of digging before you find the information you're looking for so be prepared for that.

Start Negotiations

Now comes the fun part. Both of you have to agree to a price so that payment can be made and the transfer takes place. It can help to read up on the topic in advance so that you can gather some useful advice on how to negotiate for the best price.

Pay For And Transfer Ownership Of The Domain

The next step is paying for the domain and transfer its ownership. It is extremely important in this case to use a third party to facilitate this process. Services like Escrow make sure that payment isn't released to the other party until the name ownership has been transferred.

Someone else owns it but you want it.